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Twitter has also been on a “new and improved” rampage over the last few months and it looks like there’s even more in store. Yesterday, I wrote about how Twitter is pushing to become more of a news maker and less of a news aggregator with their Olympic hub site and interactive content.

Now, I see that Twitter is talking to Hollywood producers about producing video content for the blurby network. As crazy as that sounds, we’ve already seen a Twitter account turn into a TV series, so why bring the TV series to Twitter?

This week on Law & Order: Special Tweeting Unit, the team investigates a series of death hoax Tweets in #justinbieberisnotdead

Then, on The Real Housewives of Twitter, Brittany creates a fake Twitter account and pretends to be Crystal’s ex-boyfriend, but when Carmelita demands pictures or it didn’t happen, a full on Twitter war breaks out between the girls.

Finally, on I Didn’t Know This Was Public, Henry gets fired after posting pictures of his Xeroxed backside, and Lori gets in big trouble with her mom when she Tweets about the 5 guys who joined the sleepover.

I could get into this.

The people who know, say that the potential series would include Twitter content and would give Twitter another place to sell sponsorships and ads. Currently, they routinely sell out their ad inventory, so they’re desperate for a new ad stream.

In other Twitter news, the NY Times says that Twitter is planning a comeback. They’re working on a tool that will allow users to export all of their old Tweets, so they can marvel at their own brilliance or see where they went terribly wrong.

Personally, I’m not interested in my own history but there are other accounts I follow where a history would be helpful. Unfortunately, Twitter says they won’t be exploring that avenue any time soon. So for now, whatever you said on Twitter in 2011, stays with Twitter and that’s got to be a big relief for the several hundred souls who posted before thinking it through.