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These past few weeks, Twitter’s been the two-year-old jumping up and down next to mom while she tries to work. They announced targeting for Promoted Tweets, covertly revealed their plans to make a web series and as of tonight, they’re all over the Olympics.

But you know how those toddlers can get into trouble and Twitter has been true to form. On Thursday, the site went dark for more than an hour, the second big outage in under two months. They say it was a server issue and that even their redundant systems failed. I think it’s a conspiracy to test the reaction to a nation left without social media and specific internet services because on the same night, Amazon, IMDB, and Netflix all went down. Coincidence or carefully planned madness?

Or could it be a publicity stunt for the new TV series Revolution which is about survival after a catastrophic event knocks out all the power on the planet?

Call me paranoid if you must, but Twitter also made a move against Instagram this week. They cut the ties to the Find a Friend portion of the Instagram app which seems like it will hurt them more than it hurts Instagram.

Instagram has 80 million users, all of whom could have used the Find a Friend feature to access their pals on Twitter but apparently Twitter doesn’t care. Just like they didn’t care when they cut off LinkedIn.

Twitter’s new stance is, if you want to play with my toys, you have to play in my yard and that’s kind of mean. Some think the Instagram boot is a direct result of their connection to Facebook. Others think that Twitter is planning to release their own photo option to compete with Instagram. Whatever the reason, it’s starting to feel like bad business.

Twitter didn’t get where they are by surrounding themselves with high walls. Social media is about being social and that means sharing with your friends from all over the neighborhood.

I’m a big fan of Twitter, but I’m starting to worry about where this new attitude will lead them. What do you think? Was it smart business to cut off Instagram and LinkedIn, or is Twitter heading for trouble?