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Tumblr took top honors this week as one of the top 10 sites for European women on the basis of time spent.

According to comScore, the social, visual blogging network was primarily visited by women (69% of the mix) in May 2012, each woman spending an average of 71.1 minutes on the site. The only site that kept women around longer was, the online email and Russian social network provider. Average time spent there? 398.8 minutes. Wow.

Half of the top ten are retail sites including the the German retail site Otto Gruppe which came in number two. And look at good old Groupon, holding its own in Europe. I never would have guessed that.

Not surprisingly, women were in the majority in many of the retail subcategories including  Fragrances/Cosmetics (71 percent share), Apparel (67 percent) and Department Stores (65 percent).

Time wise, women spend an average of 30.6 minutes browsing online clothing stores, the highest total in the list. The next was Food with an average of only 15.6 minutes and it drops from there going past Department Stores, Malls, and Cosmetics.

Looking at Europe by country, Russia gets the prize for the most people online, 57.9 million users in May. The people of the UK spent more time, with an average 39.1 hours online (up 5% from the prior month.) The fickle folks of Turkey were number one in average page views per visitor with 3,674. Man, they do like to surf, don’t they? The European average for page views was 2,388 with an average time spent per month of 24.5 hours.

Doing business in Europe. Get all the numbers from comScore when you click right here. Gern geschehen!