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The topic for today is opposital irony.

The prime example: Facebook is the most popular social media site on the web (if you’re looking at pure numbers.) And yet, it has the the lowest customer satisfaction rating of any social media site, if you don’t count MySpace. And who counts MySpace these days?

On the other end of the list? Google+ with a satisfaction score of 78. Facebook received a 61, a decline from both last year and the previous year. The only site on par with Google+ was Wikipedia, but I don’t count them as a social media site.

Current darling Pinterest came in fourth with a 69. Twitter just under that with a 64.

This is very interesting and from these numbers we can draw certain conclusions. In the case of Facebook vs Google+, it could be a case of pure numbers. Facebook has more users from a variety of age groups and backgrounds so they’re open to a wider range of unhappy customers.

Google+ has a smaller pool of users and a glance (no science involved) tells me that the majority of the users are people who are creative or technologically inclined. This has to play a role in the overall user satisfaction.

Then there’s the fact that Facebook is trying to be all things to all people; message center, photo host, game center, online store, event planner. . .  When you don’t specialize, you’re bound to be only mediocre in at least a few areas and that’s going to lead to customer dissatisfaction.

The ACSI report on all of this shows that social media satisfaction overall is at an all time low. Of course, they have added more sites to their chart, so again, the numbers don’t necessarily add up to trouble. Mostly, it simply looks like growing pains as new sites enter the arena and old sites figure out where they stand.

What do these numbers mean to the marketer? It’s business as usual, my friend. Facebook is still the place to be seen unless you’re after a very specific crowd. If there’s one thing we’ve learned in the past few years is that in spite of all the complaining people do about Facebook, they’re not ready to jump ship. Neither should you.