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Just hear those sleigh bells jingling, Ring-ting-tingling too . . . that’s the sound of holiday shoppers creeping up over the hill. Is your site ready for the onslaught?

According to a new survey from coupon site, 31% of consumers plan to do their holiday shopping online this year. This is close to last year’s estimates of 36% so they’re probably in the ball park.

Online retailer could score a little higher this year due to the growing trend in mobile device shopping. More people than ever will be using their smartphones and tablets to order online while they’re sitting on the couch watching all the new fall TV shows.

What could hurt is the overall negative view of the economy (a huge 71%). RetailMeNot’s survey also shows that 1 in 4 consumers are worried about being able to afford all they need to buy this year.

Here are a few other interesting facts from the survey:

  • 39% of respondents start their holiday shopping before November.
  • Women (46%) are more likely than men (31%) to start their shopping earlier than November.
  • 23% of respondents start shopping in early November, 12% wait to start shopping until Black Friday/Cyber Monday and only 15% wait until after Cyber Monday to begin shopping.
  • 54% of respondents finish their holiday shopping sometime between Black Friday and when they actually give
    away the gift during the holidays.
  • Nearly 1 in 3 respondents (32%) say they are done with their holiday shopping by the end of Cyber Monday.
  • Women (58%) are more likely than men (50%) to say they tend to finish their holiday shopping after Cyber Monday.

Big item to note here: 32% will be done shopping by the end of Cyber Monday. That makes sense for online shoppers because after that date you start running into shipping and out of stock issues. So don’t wait until the last minute to pitch your products for the holidays. Start now. Catch those early birds with a great deal or a low price while they still have money in their pockets.

These days, it’s not at all surprising to see artificial Christmas trees one aisle over from the back-to-school supplies, so why should online be any different?

What are your thoughts on the coming holiday shopping season. Is it going to be a bad one, a good one, or break all online records?