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Apple and Google appear to be liking each other less and less these days.

It was just recently that Apple announced it was replacing Google Maps with a ‘homemade’ product in its iOS 6 product due in September.

Now The Verge reports that the YouTube app found in other version of iOS will not be there either this time around. It won’t be excluded but you’ll have to work a little to get it.

Apple obviously did away with Google Maps in iOS 6, but another of the web giant’s biggest properties won’t be available as a default option, either. 9to5Mac noticed that the latest beta version of iOS 6 no longer includes the long-standard YouTube app, and Apple just told us that its license to include YouTube in iOS had expired. If you’re a heavy YouTube user, fear not — Apple also confirmed that YouTube will work in Safari and also noted that Google is making a new YouTube app that will be available in the App Store.

It’s no secret that the two companies who once were at least cordial in their dealings are now becoming more and more separate as time goes by. It only makes sense since Google has that little thorn called Android in the side of Apple’s drive to own the mobile world. It can be argued that Apple is even cobbling together a search system of sorts.

Android has certainly made enough progress in recent years and trouble rumbling amongst carriers about the size of the subsidies they pay to Apple for the privilege of selling the iPhone are sore spots for the mobile leader. Sure there is talk about Android market share but the reality is that Android has always been playing catch up in usability when compared to Apple. Now with Jelly Bean on the horizon (which may get to double digits of Android devices having it if we give it 18 or so months (sarcasm is free today)) Google is getting closer so Apple may be saying that it is truly time to go their separate ways.

What do you think about about the native YouTube app being removed from iOS 6? Big deal? No big deal?