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If age and wisdom go together, then LinkedIn is the smartest social media site with an average user age of 44.2. A full 70% of their users are over 35, which shouldn’t surprise you given the nature of the site. It’s about professionals doing business. It’s about being an expert in your field and networking, so it attracts people who have risen to a higher level in the working world and that takes time (during which, they were growing older.)

On the opposite end, we have the creative folks of deviantART. 69% of their users are under 35 with an average user age of only 28.6.

Wait. That’s kind of sad. The older folks are all about work and the younger ones are all about art. I protest. And while I do that, you look at this chart from Pingdom.

Look at Facebook, hanging in there with the grown-ups. I never would have guessed it. I knew it wasn’t a haven for young teens but I didn’t expect to see it third from the top on the average age scale. Yelp, I get. That site is all about services and dining out and telling people what you really think about the service you received. That’s stuff adults do.

If I’d ordered these based on my perception, Goodreads would have landed closer to the 50 mark and Flickr and Pinterest would have been closer to the young side.

Of all the channels, Twitter is sitting in the best spot, darn close to the overall average.

Turning to gender for a moment, Pingdom says that 17 of the 24 sites lean in favor of the female with Pinterest, Goodreads and Blogger having the highest percentage of women on board. Facebook and Twitter both have a 40% male, 60% female spread.

Finally, did you notice what’s missing? No Google+ and that’s because Google doesn’t show that data in the DoubleClick Ad Planner Pingdom used to create the report. Interesting. Very interesting.

Want to slice and dice the data some more? Check out the full report on Pingdom.