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Facebook has announced beta tests on two new options that will help app developers raise their profit margin.

First up is Mobile Ads for Apps. Finding a way to monetize Facebook Mobile has been a problem but this sounds like the perfect solution.

This new ad unit takes advantage of the natural connection between mobile and apps. Facebook users will see an ad with a list of suggested apps. Click through and you’re taken directly to the App Store or Google Play where you can download the app instantly.

The app dashboard allows you to target users based on region, age and gender. Set your budget and go.

Currently, the ads are only available to select partners but you can sign up to be a beta tester right here.

Facebook Subscriptions

Today, Facebook opened up subscriptions to all app developers. The system allows the app to charge a recurring fee for in-app services. For example, Gardens of Time subscribers will receive 70 Gold points, an exclusive virtual item, expanded energy meter, bonus time crystals and an ad-free experience, all for $15 a month.

This is an excellent option that should help lift the monthly spend on virtual goods. Payments can be made by credit card or Paypal in a variety of local currencies.

I’m not a big fan of Facebook advertising, but I think both of these options are worth looking into if you’re an app developer. The mobile ad unit is such a natural and intuitive link, I simply can’t see any bad there. As for subscriptions, it’s the perfect way to balance out the monthly cash flow.  For gamers, it’s a one time decision to spend instead of dozens of decisions every time they play and once they’re in, they’ll stay in as long as they keep getting the goods.

Facebook, today, I tip my hat to you. Good job.