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Awesome and wow aren’t words you usually see associated with a Facebook update, but mobile users are rejoicing over the new and improved iOS app.

Visually, the iPhone update is pretty much the same, but the iPad app looks spectacular. I’m not a big fan of Facebook, but when I saw my Timeline presented on the iPad I actually felt compelled to flip through and see what people were posting.

Unlike the online experience, the mobile app is clean and free of annoying sidebars full of junk. It’s just you and your peeps, sharing and caring.

Photos play a big part in the experience. Tap one and it opens up to the full screen with options to like, read comments or leave your own. Facebook also included its own Camera App in the navigation bar so you can take photos and upload them without having to leave the page. Nice.

I expect photos will become an even bigger part of the Facebook experience as soon as they bring Instagram into the fold. With some tweaks, they could become a real competitor for Pinterest.

Take a look at this screenshot from my iPad. The photo elements are so large, only two updates fit on the screen. To quote Dean Winchester, it’s freakin’ amazing.

And that’s not all! The real secret to this new app is the speed with which it delivers.

Here’s what Mr. Zuckerberg had to say about it:

We just released a new Facebook app for iPhone and iPad and it’s a lot faster. Our team completely rewrote it from the ground up to focus on speed. It’s a big step forward.

A little low key for such a big announcement, not even one exclamation point, but he’s the boss. . .

Facebook’s new mobile app loads, scrolls, pops and posts at lightening speed. Which is pretty amazing when you think about the amount of data it has to deal with.

Overall, the new mobile app makes Facebook enjoyable! Honestly, I never thought I’d say it, but it’s true.

(*As I wasn’t a big Facebook mobile user before, some of the features I noted may have been available in an earlier version.)