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“Looking for that epic shot from last winter’s ski trip?  Or the I-could-die-laughing photo of your roommate’s cat dancing?”

No? Too bad, Bing is going to help you do it anyway with their brand, spanking, new Facebook Friends’ Photo Feature. (Say that three times fast!)

The widget, which resides on Bing’s website, gives you a Pinterest view of all the photos recently uploaded by your friends on Facebook. Here’s my current snapshot:

Note my love of food, movies, and apps!  The dropdown (where it says Recent Photos) can be changed to view only Fan Page photos or only Friends’ Photos. The Friends option took forever to load, not sure why. If you click through on the name of the uploader, you get a page with all of their photo albums, and yes, you’re still on Bing. As a matter of fact, nothing I clicked led me to Facebook. I did find a small option to do so at the bottom of an enlarged photo, but clearly they’re not about sending you somewhere else to play.

The point of this gizmo is the search engine which didn’t work for me. I tried putting in terms a variety of words. I even copied the caption of one photo and pasted that in the search box but it always came back with no results. So either, I’m doing this all wrong or it doesn’t work all that well. I’m betting on the second one. Add the fact that most people don’t label their Facebook photos properly means the search portion will likely be a bust.

If you’re a visual person, the presentation is nice and it’s a fun way to see what’s happening with your friends on Facebook.

Now that big bugaboo, privacy. Here’s Bing’s take:

On Bing, your Facebook privacy settings are always respected. Your Facebook friends will only be able to see the photos you have made viewable, and you will only see photos your friends have made viewable, and your photos will never be shared with the public.

So, if a photo is set to Friends Only, I can see it through Bing but no one else can? Sounds like an incident waiting to happen.

From a marketing standpoint, it’s a good thing. As you can see from my Bing Friends’ Photo page, Fan Page photos really pop. Look at those yummy cookies from Love with Food. Only problem? The link isn’t clickable. And no amount of clicking takes me to Love With Food’s Facebook page. That’s bad news. If Bing can make that one fix, this feature could help your current Facebook fans pay more attention to the good stuff you’re sending out.

Try the Bing’s Friends’ Photos Feature by clicking here.