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There’s no denying that search giant Google has a whimsical side and they showing it off this week with new additions to the famous “I’m Feeling Lucky” button. But this foray into fun isn’t just for amusement, it’s actually an exercise in targeted results that should interest anyone in the search biz.

In addition to Lucky, the Google search box now offers several other choices:

“I’m Feeling Puzzled” takes you to a feature I didn’t know existed called A Google a Day. Here you’ll find a complex daily question that you can answer by searching with Google. Challenge your friends and learn a new piece of trivial information every day.

“I’m Feeling Hungry” is a practical engine that lists local restaurants (so I’m told. . . see below)

“I’m Feeling Stellar” takes you to Google Earth.

“I’m Feeling Trendy” took me to the top search trends page.

“I’m Feeling Wonderful” landed me at the World Wonders Project.

“I’m Feeling Artistic” took me to Google Art Project, while both “I’m Feeling Playful” and “I’m Feeling Doodley” took me to old Google Doodles, which are always fun.

The only flaw in this plan is that I couldn’t force the drop down to stop where I wanted it. The “I’m Feeling Lucky” button spins when I mouse over it and good luck catching an individual option as it passes. Maybe it’s a FireFox issue because it seems like I should be able to choose how I feel, not have Google choose it for me.

How are you feeling? Check out the new Google search button and see what you get. And if you were doing the programming, what “feeling” would you add and it where would it land?