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With the holiday shopping season rapidly approaching, two online powerhouses are looking into new ways to grab hold of online shoppers.

Lucky Magazine, from Condé Nast is about to launch a new personal shopper website with an interesting twist. According to the New York Times, the site will feature fashions and accessories from all the top retailers, but shoppers won’t have to leave the site in order to buy.

Instead of clicking through to Macy’s to buy a blouse and Barney’s to buy the skirt, the new Lucky site will allow shoppers to put all their items into one basket. You know, kind of like that other giant online retailer, but in this case, it’s the small size that matters.

My Lucky Shops is going to curate the best deals on the hottest trends. It’s not about choosing from 200 pairs of jeans from 20 retailers. It’s about personalized service and one-stop shopping for fashionistas.

Also capitalizing on the personal shopper concept is NBCUniversal. They have a holiday gift planner in the works that will take full advantage of their wide range of media partners.

The Gift Game Planner will be a single website that combines the gift guides from all of NBCU’s properties.

It can be a music gift pick from  Oxygen, something for the man in your life selected by Syfy, or a  fashion product recommended by experts at Daily Candy. The Gift Planner  combines utility with engagement tools so that you as a user can input  your wish list and share it with friends. It also allows you to keep  track of gifts you would like to buy for everyone on your list, and  we’re giving users the chance to win items on their list by simply  making a list.

NBCU plans to use gamification to draw in consumers by offering coupons and bonuses for people who shop on Cyber Monday or buy using specific credit cards, etc. They say they’ll be using their on-air channels to promote the Gift Game Planner, with vignettes created specifically for the target audience on each channel.

Given the company’s wide-range of media properties, they really are capable of producing a one-stop shopping portal that covers moms, dads, nerds, music lovers, fashionistas, teens and more.

But as big as these two companies are, the secret to both of these products is curation and personalized service. With so many deals and options on the web, helping consumers narrow down their choices can be even more valuable than being the biggest dealer around.