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NFL season is fast approaching and none-too-soon for many folks (first pre-season game is this weekend!). As a New York Giants fan I can only hope that this season will be a repeat of last year but I digress. (Oh and if you feel the need to bash my team or, even better, talk about your favorite team, our comments are open :-)).

So what’s the NFL season got to do with Internet marketing? Well, it’s not so much the marketing as it is the teaming of Google and the NFL to use Google+ Hangouts in the NFL’s fantasy league offering. Of course, if you are Google trying to promote Google+ to the masses you woud be hard pressed to find a stronger vehicle than the NFL.

The Official Google blog tells us

This year, alongside the NFL, we’re giving fantasy football fans a new way to connect throughout the season: Google+ Hangouts. Here’s how it works in a nutshell:

From any page—including the Draft and Game Centers—you can now click a single button to start a hangout with your league

Later this month, you’ll see a live indicator on if anyone in your league is already hanging out

This is a major win for Google. While there is plenty of Facebook activity around the NFL, fantasy players are quite intense. loyal and, oftentimes, geeky. The directness and slimmed down nature of Google+, along with a lot less clutter could be attractive to NFL followers. This is purely a guess on my part. I do know, however, that when it comes to my NFL following I don’t pay much attention to the casual fan or loudmouth. I like speaking with folks who enjoy the game. Google+ seems like a better place for that kind of interaction.

Th post continues

Fantasy football hangouts don’t stop at the draft, however. Throughout the season you’ll be able to:

Hang out with your friends to conduct trades, review league business or just chat while watching the game on TV

Enjoy fantasy hangouts on the go or on the couch using the new Google+ app for phones and tablets (Android, iOS)

Get advice from top NFL Fantasy commentators as they hang out with fans and discuss the week’s results

You can sign up today by visiting

So are you in?