Googlers Can Make More Money Dead Than Many Do While Living

We all are well aware of just how big a deal it is to work at Google. There are endless perks (did you know that no Googler on campus is supposed to be further than 100 ft from a food source at any given time?).

So you know, this is not a gripe post. The fact that Google decides to treat its employees so well is a testament to their understanding that their employees are their business. They give a lot and expect a lot and both of those are more than OK. I will even admit to having a bit of envy but that’s my problem not Google’s. The fact is that all of these benefits that the company offers their employees are incredibly good things (by the way Google, I am not a Phd or anything like that but I would be available for an interview if you have some ‘just has a college degree’ quota you need to hit ;-) ).

WEBINAR: Alignment Between Sales and Marketing is Key to Success

Are your company’s marketing and sales efforts in alignment? Are they working in union or are they operating in separate silos?

It’s widely recognized that companies who make the effort to intentionally foster the relationship between sales and marketing through marketing automation tools or other means perform better than those who don’t.

Then why don’t many still do it? Well, it’s not as easy as you think.

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Join Linda Crawford, SVP & GM of Sales Cloud at and HubSpot’s CMO, Mike Volpe as they explore this important area of marketing.

This free 60 minute offering may be one of the best ways to spend your valuable time. In it they will explore how to:

Google Gets Hit With Big Fine For Serving Up Cookies

Google Inc. has been ordered to crack open the wallet and pay a $22.5 million civil penalty for misrepresentaion of privacy policies.

The FTC says Google told users that the Safari browser was set to block cookies by default. Taking their word for it, users continued to surf the web, believing they were free of prying eyes. Not so. The FTC says that for a few months between 2011 and 2012, Google created a work around that placed tracking cookies for their DoubleClick network on millions of Macs, iPhones and iPads.

As if lying to the public wasn’t bad enough, the FTC says Google violated an agreement they had with the government agency that specifically forbid them from misrepresenting privacy options.

Call Out the Urban Spelunkers, Google+ is Officially a Ghost Town (Infographic)

It’s only August, but I’m ready to give out my award for the best infographic graphic of the year. It’s the header from the Umpf’s examination of one of life’s great mysteries: Is Google+ really popular or is it a ghost town?

Google is cagey about releasing stats on Google+ and when they do, it’s often hard to distinguish general Google users from those actually on the social network. The current estimate is 170 million Google+ accounts, which would make it the second most popular social network after Facebook. But, as we all know, having a lot of signups does not an active community make. For marketers, it’s interaction that counts, so Umpf counted it.

Advanced PPC Account Management Disorder

I’m reasonably sure I suffer from advanced sleep phase disorder (ASPD). I usually fall asleep around 9PM (and realistically, I could fall asleep earlier), and I’m awake and at my computer by 4:30am every day of the week, where I stay until I go off to the gym between 6:30 and 7am. Now, I’m not “working” that entire time…with my morning coffee, I ease into my schedule, catching up on news and sports, checking and answering email, monitoring and adjusting my fantasy sports teams, and emptying my RSS Reader of stories. When that’s “done”, I’m generally left with between 15-45 minutes to directly impact and affect my “work” before I go exercise.

The Content Marketing Universe [Infographic]

This post comes from our Social Media channel sponsor CopyPress.

The fabric of the universe are basic chemical elements that create the stars and planets. The fabric of the Internet is content, which can be broken down into sections such as copy, images, and video. Our lives online are largely made up of time creating and digesting content, but the amount that is available and shared online is staggering. CopyPress helps companies to figure out how to get create a content cycle to play in this ever expanding content omniverse.

Enjoy the full infographic!

Amazon eBook Sales Surpass Print Book Sales in the UK

“Amazon said it had sold 114 ebooks for every 100 print books in the UK so far this year.”

That news comes from ZDnet and it’s very good news for content marketers. Here in the US, ebook sales topped print sales in May 0f 2011. But Kindle EU chief Jorrit Van der Meulen said that it took four years after the release of the Kindle to hit that mark in the US. It only took two years to get there in the UK.

What it means is that more and more people are ready to make the switch to digital assets and not just in books. Digital music has nearly replaced the CD. Digital movie downloads are now taking a bite out of the DVD market and when was the last time you bought a hard copy of a piece of software?