Folks Aren’t Digging the New Digg

Digg has pulled the wraps off their new site design in their quest to rise up again in the social media ranks.

There was a time when Digg was the place to be seen, but squabbles over preferential treatment for entrenched early Diggers and poor design changes saw them circling the drain. Enter new owners who firmly believe that Digg can be a player again.

Here’s a screenshot of the new front page:


Gone are the endless columns of text with number boxes showing how many times a story has been Dug (Digged? Dagged?). Now, it looks like every other content site with large photos, lots of white space, and uneven boxes. I’d call it Pinterest style except that online magazines have been using a variation on this style for awhile now.

NFL and Google+ Hangouts Form Fantasy Team

NFL season is fast approaching and none-too-soon for many folks (first pre-season game is this weekend!). As a New York Giants fan I can only hope that this season will be a repeat of last year but I digress. (Oh and if you feel the need to bash my team or, even better, talk about your favorite team, our comments are open :-)).

So what’s the NFL season got to do with Internet marketing? Well, it’s not so much the marketing as it is the teaming of Google and the NFL to use Google+ Hangouts in the NFL’s fantasy league offering. Of course, if you are Google trying to promote Google+ to the masses you woud be hard pressed to find a stronger vehicle than the NFL.

Twitter Brings in the Lawyers to Explain Its NBC Tweet Mess

Twitter has stepped in it a bit as of late. They make a big deal of their deal with NBC for the Olympics then they turn into the tweet Gestapo on behalf of their ‘partner’. Here’s the quick description from the New York Times

Twitter found itself at the center of a firestorm when it suspended the account of Guy Adams, a British newspaper reporter for The Independent, after he posted complaints about NBC’s tape-delayed Olympics coverage. His posts included the e-mail address of Gary Zenkel, the head of NBC Olympics.

So how do we know when a company really screwed the pooch on an issue? Well, that’s easy. It’s when the general counsel writes a post for the company blog! Twitter’s general counsel, Alex Macgillivray (formerly of Google) posted yesterday on Twitter’s blog. He essentially tried to cover up the screw up in explaining the company’s Trust & Safety team’s practices and their policies.

Email Beats Search and Social for Cart and Conversion [Infographic]

Email, Search and Social Media — think of them as three sisters in the Marketing family.

Social Media is the young one. She’s always on trend. She’s popular and has lots of friends. She’s the one you turn to when you’re looking to have some fun.

Search is the middle sister. She’s not as flashy as her little sister, but she’s plenty popular and she’s reliable. Well, as long as you make it worth her while, then she’ll help you get the job done.

Email, she’s the older, wiser sister. She’s not as popular as her younger siblings, but she puts in a good days work and if you approach her right, she’ll surprise you.