State of the Industry – Marketing Companies in the Inc. 500

Every year, the INC 500 comes out, and the issue and list of the web’s fastest growing companies is full of interesting takeaways and company profiles – given that it’s a list of the businesses that have grown fastest within the current conditions of today’s economy and evolving market. To not take this list, assess it and learn from the top companies can – and will – likely leave your business in the dust.

Even if you end up not directly taking action on the results and information from the list, if nothing else, it undoubtedly serves as a boost of motivation, as any competitive business owner or employee can fuel the fire with the fact that A) they weren’t on it B) someone else there is outperforming their current revenue numbers.

For Travel, Users Prefer Apps to Mobile Web

For travelers the smartphone becomes even more important than it usually is. On the go folks aren’t as prone to carry around a laptop and be slave to a Wifi connection especially when a smartphone can deliver the data they need just about anywhere and at any time.

But when it comes to how they get their travel information on the go there is a very strong leaning to using travel apps vs. the mobile web. Nielsen found that it is actually 95% of the time that apps win out over the mobile web. But that is not true across all travel categories.

So what apps dominated? Here you go.

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Is Facebook the Right Place to Share Bad Company News?

When a big company sends around a controversial internal memo, it’s generally just a matter of time before the memo is leaked to the press. Maybe that’s why RealNetworks founder Rob Glaser decided to post his memo about layoffs on his Facebook page.

This “beat them to the punch” strategy makes Glaser look like a compassion, above-board guy who stands behind his decisions, good and bad. It also puts him squarely in the line of fire for those who don’t agree with his methods.

For Glaser, the outcome has been mostly positive. Overly positive, actually, with Facebook comments that sound sympathetic. Poor, Mr. Glaser, it’s tough to layoff workers, we feel bad for you. Really? This so could have gone the other way.

Google+ Wants to Be Your Conference Room

Google+ has been looking for a way to distinguish itself from the competition. They tried with their unique video chat system called Hangouts. They tried with a group photo upload option called Party Mode. And now they’re trying again with a new series of features designed to turn their site into your office conference room.

This time, I think they got it right.

Noting that more and more companies are using Google systems like Gmail, Google Docs, and Google Drive for work, they decided to run with the idea and make it official. They don’t have a snazzy new name for the overall project but Google+ at Work seems appropriate, so let’s run with that for the moment.

Old Spice Takes ‘Muscle Man’ Ads to New Heights

I admit it. I am jaded. I don’t laugh at the things that many people find funny because it never feels as funny to me as it does to them.

But this new Old Spice ad / campaign or whatever you want to call it made me laugh. Yeah, I literally LOL’d. Stick around for a minute after it’s over and don’t do anything but wait. You’ll see.

Just watch it and let us know if you laughed too.

Google Analytics Introduces Shortcuts Beta

In the data frantic world we live in the quickest access to reports will always get the attention of the online marketer.

Google Analytics has announced a beta called Shortcuts which according to the Analytics blog

Shortcuts help you get to the exact view you want of your data in GA in record time. Rather than having to go through the “find report, add segment, change, sort” process daily, with Shortcuts you can do it once, save it, and come back to it in a single click.

The blog takes you through the process to set up your shortcuts then adds this most important piece of information

The following information is saved as part of a Shortcut: