I’ve Got Big Data, Now What?

The talk for many marketers is about big data.

There is so much data to be had and it seems that the volume of this data is not going to slow down any time soon. In fact, it is likely that its collection will accelerate. What needs to catch up, though, is the ability of businesses to take action with this data. Otherwise, this is all just an exercise in ‘getting ready to get ready’.

Oracle is one of, if not the, biggest players in big data and they recently reached out to C level executives to find out what the trouble is with big data (repackaged via eMarketer). Looking at the leading response there is a lot of work to be done here.

What Role Will Display Play in Electing A US President in 2012?

This will be a good year to be in display advertising. Why? Well, the industry will be able to show just how much the numbers increased in 2012. But those who are thinking real hard will know one big reason as to why there will be an increase. It’s a presidential election year in the US. What’s that mean? Political dollars heading for display to help sway votes. Display will get an election year bump.

comScore took a look at the current spend and the patterns we are seeing from the Obama (incumbent) and Romney (challenger) camps.

(I made sure the graphic was aligned in the center of the post so our readers didn’t think we had a slant either to the left or the right ;-))

Groupon Visits the Bargain Basement

At the height of the daily deal explosion, you could get a fabulous dinner for two at a trendy restaurant for half price. It was exciting. It was a way to live large on a small budget. It was new.

Fast forward to now and look what Groupon has become:

Shaun T’s Rockin Workout and bamboo trays? It’s the stuff of late-night infomercials and it’s sad. I live in Orange County, the eating out capital of the world and out of sixteen available offers, only one was for a restaurant and it was sold out. The rest were for spas and tourist attractions and “goods.”

Video and Entertainment Top the Smartphone Paid Content Chart

107 million people own smartphones and it’s estimated that over 50% of the population will own one by Q2 of 2013. That’s not just a lot of phones, that’s a lot of content in the form of apps, videos, music, and ebooks.

According to the new report,  “A Portrait of Today’s Smartphone User,” from The Online Publishers Association, over half of all smartphone owners are using their phones to access content on a daily basis. The majority said they use it to check the weather, 31% use it to watch video, news, sports, and entertainment content follow after that.

Unfortunately for content creators, only 24% of users paid for the content on their phone. Here’s a look at what people are willing to pay for:

While Google, Tripadvisor & Yelp Squabble, GuestComment Revolutionizes Hotel Reviews

While Google, Yelp, and Tripadvisor battle each other for the right to be named the “Hotel Review King,” I’ve been quietly working on the launch of a startup that will change the landscape of hotel reviews.

I know, I know, you’ve heard it all before: “[Startup name] plans to be the next [established leader] killer!”

But, GuestComment is different.

GuestComment today launches the first turn-key platform that allows hotel guests to share praise, complaints and feedback while onsite. Using a patent-pending system, GuestComment collects hotel guest reviews using interactive kiosks placed inside the hotel. All feedback is instantly sent to the hotel management, which can then acknowledge the praise, or address the complaint, before the hotel guest checks out. The onsite kiosks mean less fraudulent reviews, more happy guests, improved online reviews, and increase hotel revenues!

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As Pinterest Grows, So Goes the Third Party Market

Last week, Pinterest released slick new apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android. This may not sound like big marketing news, but trust me, it is.

Of all the social media networks, Pinterest is the one that most benefits from couch browsing. The never-ending rows of colorful graphics are almost hypnotic and though you swear you’ll only flip through a couple, you can easily find yourself wasting a half hour with nothing to show for it. Then again, you could come away inspired.