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While Google, Yelp, and Tripadvisor battle each other for the right to be named the “Hotel Review King,” I’ve been quietly working on the launch of a startup that will change the landscape of hotel reviews.

I know, I know, you’ve heard it all before: “[Startup name] plans to be the next [established leader] killer!”

But, GuestComment is different.

GuestComment today launches the first turn-key platform that allows hotel guests to share praise, complaints and feedback while onsite. Using a patent-pending system, GuestComment collects hotel guest reviews using interactive kiosks placed inside the hotel. All feedback is instantly sent to the hotel management, which can then acknowledge the praise, or address the complaint, before the hotel guest checks out. The onsite kiosks mean less fraudulent reviews, more happy guests, improved online reviews, and increase hotel revenues!

That’s a win-win-win-win, for those keeping track. 😉

GuestComment is a first of its kind, in that we provide the kiosk, tablet, app, AND the hotel management software. Unlike simple review software services, GuestComment provides the hardware and the software in one turn-key package–you don’t even need to involve your IT folks! We take the hassle out of collecting real reviews, from real guests, in real time!

In addition, GuestComment provides hotel management with their very own search engine-optimized hotel review page. So hotels can better craft their online reputations by augmenting hotel reviews already published to TripAdvisor, etc.

GuestComment launches today, with immediate availability to more than 150,000 hotels in the US.

And, just in case you’re an infographic kind of person, here’s how it works:


click to enlarge

(Disclosure: Andy Beal is the founder of GuestComment AND Marketing Pilgrim, which explains why he always gets great press here!) 😉