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Small business owners, I have a question for you. How are you doing on Facebook? Okay? Not so great? Could be better? You’re not alone, but you’re probably wrong.

That’s what it says in a new survey from Constant Contact UK. It’s their contention that small business marketers have set the bar too high for themselves and so they’re not happy with the outcome. But the truth of the matter, is that many small businesses are doing a very good job of marketing through social media.

Here’s a segment from their infographic on the subject:

Dramatic, but if we flip the numbers, we see that the majority of those surveyed thought Facebook was a help. As for the 52% of Pages getting 10 likes / shares / comments — well, that’s cool but there’s no proof that those things lead to profits.

Let’s look at another slice:

What’s significant here are the low numbers on the right side. Polls and questions are on the bottom of the list, but these are excellent ways to not only engage your customers but get valuable feedback. It also makes them feel like their opinions matter so post a poll today!

Next I zero in on the only 14% who say they answer customer service questions. I hope this means that few are getting questions to answer and not that they’re ignoring them. That would be bad.

Finally, here’s one I fully believe:

A few days ago, a small business owner asked me how to get more follower on their Facebook page. When I asked them why they wanted more followers, they said it would help them get traffic to their blog, which in turn was there to send traffic to the sales page of the product they were selling. Kind of a long way around, don’t you think?

Big numbers don’t automatically translate into big sales. Stop trying to collect followers for the sake of having more followers.

Social media success can be defined by a single sale you made this week from a link you posted to Twitter. Your action led to a conversion.

Celebrate. You done good.