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It looks like we have reached the point in the continuing Facebook saga that it’s OK to questions whether Mark Zuckerberg should continue on as the CEO of the social network. For the record, I really have no opinion either way on this one. The future of Facebook will certainly be influenced by who is at the helm but it is likely to be even more influenced by the whims of social media users as they mature in their use of the medium.

But that won’t stop the headlines:

Chicago Sun-Times – Could Facebook Fire Zuckerberg?

Los Angeles Times – Is Mark Zuckerberg in Over His Hoodie as Facebook CEO?

Mashable – Should Zuckerberg Resign from CEO Position?

And you know this must be big because even Perez Hilton asks “Should Mark Zuckerberg Step Down as CEO of Facebook?”

So what’s this mean to marketers? Darned if I know but if this talk becomes a distraction to Zuckerberg and the Facebook staff it could impact product improvements, speed of updates to market and many other things that impact the average marketer looking to use Facebook to pitch their wares.

I have worked in environments where people talk about the status of leadership. Seems harmless enough a first but then it gets into the fabric and the psyche of the company. Once that starts to settle in you get people who become less effective because of the perceived uncertainty. You get others who start to put a job search ahead of their day-to-day duties. There are a precious few who ignore the rumors, put on the blinders and keep working until someone taps them on the shoulder to tell them there has been a change.

Considering Zuckerberg’s considerable ego I doubt he would go quietly into that dark night. Maybe we are looking at another Steve Jobs being ousted from Apple scenario? Who really knows? More importantly, does it really matter?

In the meantime, the machine has to move on and ‘keep shipping’ as Zuckerberg exhorted his troops on the day of their IPO. That is a nice little ditty to put on a wall but a much harder one to make people do when things gets a little dodgy as they are now at the mighty Facebook.

So what is your thought? Is it a like or a dislike for Mark Zuckerberg as the Facebook CEO?