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If you still haven’t optimized your ecommerce site for mobile, get a load of this slice from a new infographic from Monetate.

The numbers represent only a small portion of web traffic, true, but look at the growth. Smartphone traffic related to ecommerce has doubled in only a few months. And according to “The Battle for Smartphone Supremacy” traffic from mobile has increased 103% over last year.

Android still has the biggest market share with the most accessible products at a lower price point, but iPhone users are the ones using their phones to shop more often. Monetate estimates the average order value for iPhone users to be $97.49 which is right in line with the numbers from Apple desktop shoppers.

In addition to actually buying things, smartphone owners also use their phone for a variety of other shopping related activities.

I was surprised to see “take a photo of a product” land at the top of the list. Who does that? Not me. Then my husband came home from the hobby shop and told me he used his phone to take a picture of a collection of Irwin Allen models that were grouped together at the store. So, I guess now I have my answer. That’s who takes photos of products while shopping.

As a frequent ecommerce shopper, I must say I’ve noticed an increase in mobile friendly stores and though it would be rare for me to shop with my iPhone, my iPad is king. With another holiday season rapidly approaching, I expect to at least double my mobile ecommerce time browsing online stores for ideas, searching for deals and actually buying the gifts. It may only be August but I’ve already put my first gift into an online shopping cart. Take a load off Santa, I’ve got this covered.

Click through to see the full “The Battle for Smartphone Supremacy” infographic from Monetate.