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This will be a good year to be in display advertising. Why? Well, the industry will be able to show just how much the numbers increased in 2012. But those who are thinking real hard will know one big reason as to why there will be an increase. It’s a presidential election year in the US. What’s that mean? Political dollars heading for display to help sway votes. Display will get an election year bump.

comScore took a look at the current spend and the patterns we are seeing from the Obama (incumbent) and Romney (challenger) camps.

(I made sure the graphic was aligned in the center of the post so our readers didn’t think we had a slant either to the left or the right ;-))

So what does this have to do with marketing in general? Well, it does say that when something important is happening, even for a well defined window of time, display advertising is a ‘go to’ for messaging. There is so much debate about whether or not it is effective but one thing is for sure. If you have deep enough pockets to make your brand ubiquitous via display ads, you will be noticed.

Will it lead to sales, or in this case, votes? Let the debate rage on. One thing is for sure. As we approach November, both the Obama and Romney camps will ratchet up the spending. While branding is important over the long term, it may just be that whomever has the last word may get the win. How’s one way to get the last word? Put your ads everywhere that the voters are.

While I personally am already tired of the political advertising ‘process’ it will be interesting to watch from a strategy point of view.

How much of an impact will this type of messaging have on the election? If you want to chime in and have your vote heard here please give us your thoughts in the comments.