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Google has been feeling the pressure of either the European Commission or individual European countries concerning one thing or another about their business for years. Now one of Google’s ‘competitors’ is feeling the heat as well.

Facebook is getting pressure from German privacy groups about its app center. Reuters reports

Germany’s biggest consumer lobby group believes Facebook is violating privacy laws with its new app centre and has set a deadline for the social network operator to fix it, or potentially face legal action.

The German federation of consumer organizations said on Monday the social network was giving away customer data via its new app centre without notifying users.

It will consider legal action against Facebook if the site fails to fix the problem by September 4, a spokeswoman said.

The deadline comes just weeks after the Hamburg Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information said he would reopen his investigation into Facebook’s policies on tagging photos, retaining and deleting data and the level of control users have over their information.

Facebook has probably not seen the last of these kinds of concerns. Germany was one of the most vocal countries regarding Google’s Street View cars and urged all Germans to remove their homes from the service.

Already there are more over arching efforts in the works.

An Irish watchdog, responsible for ensuring that Facebook complies with European and Irish data protection because Ireland is the headquarters of Facebook’s non-U.S. business, will determine by early October whether Facebook will face legal action under European privacy laws.

How all of this impacts Facebook’s potential for gathering data to supply to advertisers remains to be seen but is a pretty safe bet that if the past is any indication, Zuck and his crew won’t be let off the hook easily, if at all.