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Yelp is getting into the news a bit these days. Mostly it has been as the company that is held up against Google in the battle for the review world.

Today, however, it’s about the redesign of it’s homepage.

From the Yelp blog

You’ll notice that the new design places a greater emphasis on activity from you and your friends. In addition to long-standing favorites like Review of the Day, Hot New Businesses and Fresh Lists, now you’ll be able to see all sorts of new stuff, including (but not limited to) photos and Tips left by your friends, events they are going to, recent places you’ve checked-in to and Useful, Funny, Cool votes your reviews have received.

And since this is Yelp, you’ll of course be able to send compliments and give other feedback on your friends’ activity right there.

Yelp is doing well. The stock is holding its own. There is growth. Even in its battle with Google it appears as if the review site has a great future.

The only question I have is whether or not Yelp will ever move across the chasm from hip, urban toy to really owning a larger market. That’s where Google has the edge. Everyone uses Google whether you live in a city of 15 million or a town of 1500. Yelp, not so much.

What do you think. Is there a wider appeal for Yelp beyond the tragically hip?