Twitter Loses to Instagram But Wins Over London

Twitter is on the march. They won’t stop until every person in the world has Tweeted at least once and I think they can do it. But first, they have to get past Instagram.

According to AllThingsDigital, more smartphone users visit Twitter but the funky photo site tops them for average number of viewers per day and time spent on site. (Study conducted by comScore for the month of August.)

The implication is that Instagram has more returning visitors than Twitter. That’s pretty amazing, seeing as how Instagram has only been around for a few years. Instagram also plays into the hot trend of graphics over text, apparently everyone loves to look but not everyone loves to read. (Boo!)

If You Got Lost Using Apple Maps, Tim Cook is Sorry

Yesterday, I upgraded my Apple iPad and iPhone to iOS 6. Lucky for me, I didn’t leave the house after that or I might not have made it back to chat with you this morning.

As you may have heard, Apple’s new mapping system, the one they installed to replace Google Maps, doesn’t work quite right. Some of the results are amusing, like the bridge in this screengrab. The General Lee might make it across, but the rest of us are going to have issues.

You’ll find that image and more at The Amazing iOS 6 Maps Tumblr.

Other reports include buildings in the wrong place, missing rivers, entire cities moved to a new state, parks five times their actual size and have a look at this incredible melting roadway.

Search and Social Trends Examined. Do You Agree?

Since SEOmoz released their findings from the 2012 survey of the SEO industry you have had some time to digest it. Perhaps so much has happened since its release that you have had to time to forget it as well.

Don’t worry, eMarketer (good looking redesign, by the way) has done its usual bang up job with summarizing the findings in a quick chart and I wanted to share this with you for something to ponder on this fine Friday morning.

Now here is my question.

Just In Time for the Holidays, Facebook Gifts

Now we are getting somewhere.

Facebook is rolling out a service called, creatively enough, Facebook Gifts which allows Facebook users to buy gifts for friends from inside of Facebook. No, it’s not a virtual gift and yes it can be done from a mobile device. So Facebook appears to have killed two previously unwanted birds with this one deal. From the LA Times we hear

The social networking giant announced a new service Thursday afternoon called Facebook Gifts that will let users buy and send each other presents they can enjoy in real life.

To start, these presents include Starbucks gift cards, stuffed animals and cupcakes, but Facebook said it will continue to add more options every day.

If you like pictures to tell a story here you go.

Some Tips On How To Guest Post on Marketing Pilgrim

Blogging is an interesting business. It looks easy to many although it’s not quite as easy as many would like to believe (it’s also not as tough as many like to portray it either).

Every day we are tasked with keeping our readers informed with what we believe are some of the more interesting developments in the world of Internet and social media marketing. Some days there is a lot to talk about and other days, well, not so much.

It’s the times of ‘not so much’ that we often look to guest posts to help us fill the void, add new, fresh voices to the blog and ultimately give our readers information that keeps them connected to us.

Bing Adds Feature to Tell You Which Experts Have Klout

It’s hard to know who to trust on the internet these days. Everyone has an opinion but who really has the right answers to your questions? Bing says trust Klout.

If you’re new to this, Klout is a system that assigns a numeric value (I am not a number!!) to folks with a social media presence. It’s supposed to represent your influence in your areas of expertise. I am a 43. Frank is a 54. Film critic Roger Ebert is a 92 and that’s one whopper of a score.

Bing wants you to know the score, so they’ve added Klout scores to their “People Who Know” bar.

MySpace Readies Another Relaunch; And It’s Good

The only thing wrong with the new MySpace is the name. It’s the perfect name for an all-encompassing social network where I keep my favorite photos, thoughts from my friends, and links to my favorite TV shows, books and brands. Facebook should be MySpace, but that ship has sailed.

Was MySpace is about to become, is a social network for the music industry and it’s gorgeous.