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Last month, Klout pulled the wraps off a new design and new backend that is supposed to be more transparent and more accurate. I just got the email.

I’ll be upfront here and say, I’m not a big Klout user, so I can’t really remember what the site used to look like. But I think it’s now cleaner and more colorful and everything is bigger but not necessarily clearer in the non-visual sense of the word.

The crux of the redesign is the Moment, as in “We’re having a. . . ”

This is not my page. Since my page was full of pictures of other people, I decided to go with the example Klout published. (But consider this fair warning to anyone who follows me on social media, you could show up in a post one day.)

Klout defines a “moment” as your most influential piece of content. This appears to be based on how many people shared the content as well as the Klout score of the sharers. You can narrow this down to see only Facebook Moments, Google+ Moments or Klout Moments(?).

Scanning my Moments, I see that Andy Beal is the most influential person who RT’s my words. Go Andy! The new design also pointed out that I’m highly influenced by Yahoo News (news to me), Hulu, GetGlue, Project Runway and Dallas. Interesting.

Klout claims that their new system is more accurate because they’re using more data points.

We have increased the number of social media signals we analyze from less than 100 to more than 400. We have also increased the number of data points we analyze on a daily basis from 1 billion to 12 billion. All of this additional data helps us deliver a more accurate Score for everyone on Klout.

More accurate compared to what? Klout is still just a made up number. It’s rumored that some big brands use Klout scores to find influencers. I suppose that’s as good a method as any.

Here’s a look at the new Klout metrics page:

As you can see, the new system has docked me some Klout points. I’m on the decline! But I’m not too worried. I hear Justin Bieber dropped from a perfect score to a mere 92. Justin, if you and I work at it, I’m sure we can get back on top!

What’s your Klout score? I’ve shown you mine, now show me yours.