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I worry a lot about the demise of the English language. First it was text speak (brb, cu l8tr), then it was limited character updates, now it’s images as a replacement for text. It’s truly frightening.

Take a look at the new iTunes home page which is coming in October.

As much as I hate to admit it, I think this is a nice change from rows and rows of song titles. It certainly is more interesting to look at and I’d probably find my favorite song faster. . . (remember, it’s all about faster and thinner!) but it does take up a lot more room on the page.

When you click on an image, the page cracks open in the middle to show you the details on the item. From there, you can click the In Store button to see other available options which is a nice way to push sales.

The store has also been redesigned. The top will feature a zippy carousel and since everything you do is imprinted on the iCloud, you can check your preview history from any device and pick up where you left off if you’re streaming a movie.

While they were updating, Apple also gave the iPod a rework making it (say it with me now) thinner and faster! The new Nano is around the thickness of a credit card. How Star Trek is that!

The iPod Nano now has a bigger multi-touch display. The widescreen is made to play movies and TV shows. It has built-in Bluetooth and a DVR style radio that lets you pause and rewind a live broadcast. That’s perfect for all you news radio junkies.

They’ve also added a Fitness app which tracks your pace, distance, and calories burned. This is a smart feature as the iPod is probably the most popular item to have along on a workout.

Finally, they’ve redesigned the Earbuds and renamed them Ear Pods. I have an intense dislike for Apple’s earpieces so we’ll have to see if these are an improvement or not. They claim they “rival high-end headphones.” If only you can keep them in your ears.

If there’s one thing you can say about Apple, it’s that they consistently deliver. This might not be the most exciting update, but you can see the thought process in the changes. They’ve very good about delivering an intuitive experience. I won’t be rushing to buy a new iPhone 5, but this powerful little iPod may just end up under the tree this Christmas.

What about you? Are you excited about any of this?