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OK. If a sponsor puts this much effort into their content creation we have to give then a nod.

I admit that no one would ever confuse me with someone who is cool (except my 5 yr. old daughter because she is still in the “Daddy Rocks!” stage) so I had to see what the big deal was with the Gangnam Style video that has been viewed over 212 million times on YouTube.

Apparently this gentleman from Korea doesn’t understand that there is an inbound marketing juggernaut in Boston called HubSpot that knows the real excitement is about Inbound Style. Enjoy.

  • , good for you. I am getting advcie every day from people, and while I might not write it all down, I listen and I learn. That is a noble trait to have.3. I am, thanks to you, starting and am going to finish the Inbound Marketing University certification. Gary Vaynerchuk also suggested it. By the way, he has never heard you! (I did ask, he laughed and said, No, not yet. )4. I am hitting that same glass ceiling at my job. I have so many ideas, and most are so far outside the box they are laughed at and pushed aside. Regardless, I keep my head down, do my job, and I will eventually come out on top. That is how it has to be or this is all worthless.Thanks for sharing this experience Steve. I enjoyed reading it. I wish you luck in your next venture!