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Now we are getting somewhere.

Facebook is rolling out a service called, creatively enough, Facebook Gifts which allows Facebook users to buy gifts for friends from inside of Facebook. No, it’s not a virtual gift and yes it can be done from a mobile device. So Facebook appears to have killed two previously unwanted birds with this one deal. From the LA Times we hear

The social networking giant announced a new service Thursday afternoon called Facebook Gifts that will let users buy and send each other presents they can enjoy in real life.

To start, these presents include Starbucks gift cards, stuffed animals and cupcakes, but Facebook said it will continue to add more options every day.

If you like pictures to tell a story here you go.

I am generally pretty rough on Facebook. Privacy issues, quirky CEO and all the other odd things that come along with the social media giant. With this move though I have to say kudos because as a terminally lousy gift giver this makes giving something of value (potentially at least) a lot easier. In fact, I am now happy that my Mom is on Facebook!

The LA Times continues

The company said users will have the option to send gifts from birthday reminders or when they visit their friend’s timelines.

They’ll be able to choose gifts for their friends, attach cards and send them off. They can notify their friends by posting the gift on their timeline or more privately through a message.

At that point, their friend can “unwrap” a preview of the gift. If they don’t like the gift, they can choose a different color, size, flavor or exchange it for something of equal value.

Payments can be made as soon as users send the gift or they can choose to pay later. Their friends, meanwhile, can provide their address once they choose to accept the gift and it “will show up on their doorstep a few days late,” according to a news release by the company.

While it seems a little cold in some ways I really like the option for someone to be able to tailor their gift to their liking. I would much rather have someone love the idea of what I sent them but they could then make it even better for themselves with a tweak of color or whatever.

This will be one to watch because anything that makes gift giving easier is a god thing in an increasingly complicated world. Oh and if you own Facebook stock, this kind of addition to the service might make you happy enough to buy something as well.