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A report prepared by Knotice (PDF)shows that more and more email is being opened on a mobile device and that trend is gaining speed.

This chart actually serves as the cover of the report but it looked so nice we thought we would share it with you (click to enlarge the image). Notice that in the first half of 2012 36% of email opens were mobile according to Knotice (pronounced notice).

What is even more telling on the eve of what should be the introduction of the next iPhone and the release of iOS 6 is that iOS devices are clearly the dominant mobile player when it comes to email. The figures below are hard to ignore (and see so just know that iOS outdoes Android opens 29% to 6%).

So what does this mean? It means that no matter how much hype there is around Android’s progress in making a dent in the mobile space, the reality is that iOS devices are where more people are doing things. As the Apple experience continues to become even more insular, however, with moves like YouTube’s app no longer being native and Google Maps no longer powering the maps function it could really make Apple even more dominant.

The question though, is that really a good thing?