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The only thing wrong with the new MySpace is the name. It’s the perfect name for an all-encompassing social network where I keep my favorite photos, thoughts from my friends, and links to my favorite TV shows, books and brands. Facebook should be MySpace, but that ship has sailed.

Was MySpace is about to become, is a social network for the music industry and it’s gorgeous.

The pages are right on trend, highly graphic with that uneven grid structure that is sweeping the social media world. I’m feeling Tumblr meets Pinterest. What’s truly different is that the pages scroll right to left instead of up and down. It’s going to fit perfectly on a tablet with very little tweaking and that’s a smart move.

The new MySpace is all about music, so there’s a section for discovering new songs and creating playlists.

MySpace also celebrates the fans with a Top Fan section that highlights the movers, screamers and shakers across the US who will do anything for their favorite band.

Justin Timberlake told the Hollywood Reporter that the full site isn’t ready for the public yet and he doesn’t know when it will launch. Right now, they’re working on building out profiles for some big names in the biz thanks to Justin’s connections. That should guarantee that they launch with some authority and punch.

MySpace was one of the pioneers in the social networking field, and in an odd way, they still are. This new design truly reflects the rise in digital and mobile technology, more so than any other social network operating at the moment. It’s bright, it’s dynamic, it’s like a party on the page. These still shots don’t do it justice. Watch the vidoe and experience the new MySpace.

Now all they need is a new name. Is MyMusic available?