Could Social Media Be Slowly Eroding Search Engine Traffic?

Every marketer would like to see their brand land in the top spot on a search engine, but is top worth what it used to be?

Experian Hitwise UK just released some interesting numbers concerning search in the land of Lords. What it shows is a slow decline in the number of people using search engines across the board. They say overall visits are down by 40 million since August of 2011. That means this past August was the first time this year that search didn’t show a year-over-year gain.

Here are the US numbers from this past Spring.

LinkedIn Supports Non-Profits with New Board Connect

If you work with a non-profit organization, get thee to LinkedIn right now. The social networking site has just released a new tool called Board Connect that is all about helping non-profits find new board members.

Meg Garlinhouse, head of employment brand and community for LinkedIn, told Mashable,

“There’s a huge supply and demand issue we’re trying to solve — more than 2 million non-profit board seats need to be filled each year and non-profit leaders are challenged with finding the right individuals to join those boards.”

It’s not at all surprising given that everyone’s days are already filled to overflowing with work, home and community responsibilities. Add to that, the fact that the people running a non-profit are generally handling more tasks than any one person should and it’s a wonder these groups continue to function.

Twitter Updates Interfaces with Slick New Profile Design

Twitter has always been my favorite social media child and now I love them even more thanks to their slick new interface.

The center piece of the update is a header photo that is oddly reminiscent of the header photos we’ve seen on some other social media site. . .  Here’s the example page from The Today Show.

Nice. The layout makes the page look like a real landing page and not just a placeholder for text. The Tweets are still prominent but the sidebar is great, too. Have they always had that “Tweet to:” box on there? I don’t remember seeing it, but I like it.

HubSpot Inbound Style

OK. If a sponsor puts this much effort into their content creation we have to give then a nod.

I admit that no one would ever confuse me with someone who is cool (except my 5 yr. old daughter because she is still in the “Daddy Rocks!” stage) so I had to see what the big deal was with the Gangnam Style video that has been viewed over 212 million times on YouTube.

Apparently this gentleman from Korea doesn’t understand that there is an inbound marketing juggernaut in Boston called HubSpot that knows the real excitement is about Inbound Style. Enjoy.

Shared AdWords Budgets Will Help Advertisers Spend More

Google is introducing a shared budget feature in AdWords that will ultimately help advertisers spend every allotted dollar in the platform.

The Inside AdWords blog tells us

How Shared Budgets Work

Say you’re an outdoor furniture seller with a single line of products. You’re currently running three campaigns:

A desktop search campaign
A mobile search campaign
A remarketing campaign to reach people who have visited your site but didn’t convert

Your overall marketing plan allows you to spend $100 per day across your three campaigns. Without shared budgets, you’d next have to decide how to allocate the $100 daily AdWords budget across each of your three campaigns. Say you set a $60 daily budget for your desktop campaign, a $20 daily budget for your mobile campaign, and $20 to your remarketing campaign.

Google+ Hits 100 Million Active Users Out of 400 Million Registered Users

If you were hitting .250 in the major leagues you might survive but you wouldn’t be a superstar. That is unless of course you do other things really well like being a fast outfielder, a rangy infielder or an incredible catcher. A .250 batting average along with those attributes could give you a long and lucrative MLB career.

So what’s up with the .250 batting average talk? It appears that Google is carrying that average with 1/4 of their registered users (100 million out of the total 400 million registered users) now being considered active monthly users. Vic Gundotra made this known in a Google+ post yesterday as he announced Google’s acquisition of iOS and Mac photo app creator Nik Software. He said

Living in a Multi-Screen World

How many families do you know who all sit around together and watch TV on a single, small screen? There are probably a few of them out there, but the photo you see here no longer represents the viewing habits of the average American family.

Now we have TV’s in every room, bigger screens, cable, DVR’s and media players. More than 8 million people bought an HDTV in 2011 and 39% of homes have new gaming consoles that do more than just play games.

Take a look at how our viewing habits are changing. It’s subtle, but it’s definitely shifting.