The New iPhone is Here (Almost) But So Are 500 Million Android Devices

FYI, this post is being written prior to today’s big announcement that Apple fanbois are convinced might stop the earth from rotating on its axis.

Remember the good ol’ days of the Windows v. Apple battles? That battle seemed so innocent and almost cute compared to the mobile Armageddon that is shaping up between Apple and Google. Later today, Apple will roll out the new iPhone. Will it be the iPhone5 or will it go the way of the iPad and just be called the iPhone? Such suspense!

No matter what the semantics, today is a very big deal in the evolution of the mobile space. Apple will be officially further separating itself from any Google partnering with the YouTube and Maps changes. In essence, Apple is pushing away from the dock and putting together its own world that many think will ultimately be connected to your iTunes account in an attempt to get a piece of everything you ever buy again.

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INFOGRAPHIC: The Evolution of Mobile Phones As Marketing Tools

From the early brick phones to the tricked out touch screen cell phones of today, mobile communication has evolved into a marketing tool unlike any other. Texting, QR codes, and email are all items we looked at when putting together this image based timeline of the evolution of mobile marketing.

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What’s in a Name: Microsoft Rebrands Their Ad Tools

Welcome to the Yahoo! Bing Network formerly known as the Microsoft Search Alliance and now home to Bing Ads, formerly known as Microsoft Adcenter.

I’ll give you a minute to catch up.

From a purely linguist standpoint, these were needed changes. Microsoft Search Alliance always sounded like a roaming, group of rogue rebels from an upcoming Star Wars spin-off. Whereas Yahoo! and Bing are both known search engines, so now you know what you’re getting. The only downside, the weird punctuation. And why did they put Yahoo! first? Did they flip a coin or was there a logical reason?

Tablet Loyalty and WiFi Rules in This Month’s Mobile Mix

Archeologists have recently uncovered an incredible painting on the walls of an ancient Egyptian tomb. The painting shows technological leader Im Ho App-le II examining the wares of a visiting tablet vendor.

Incredible, isn’t it? It’s such an amazing find, Millennial Media decided to use it as the cover of their September Mobile Mix report which is devoted to the subject of tablets!

The top tablets (ranked by ad impressions) shouldn’t come as a surprise. Apple’s iPad is number one, followed by Samsung Galaxy Tab, Amazon Kindle Fire, Acer Iconia (the only one I don’t recognize), and the Motorola Xoom.

Now that Amazon is flooding the market with several new Kindle Fires, it will be interesting to see if they can jump up to second place. On the other hand, Kindle Fires are more entertainment than work oriented so I imagine that has a negative effect on ad impressions.

New YouTube Apps for iPhone and iPod Touch Arrive

YouTube has rolled out its new apps for both the iPhone and the iPod Touch as it gets ahead of iOS 6 where the app will not be native to the operating system as it was in previous iOS versions.

This is all part of the escalating ‘hostilities’ between Google and Apple as the companies move further away from any reliance on each other and set up camps which will leave the consumer to decide which side of the fence he/she is going to invest their money, time and effort.

The You Tube blog says

For all you diehard YouTube fans out there who can’t get enough YouTube on your mobile, we’ve got some great news: starting today, you can download the official YouTube app for iPhone and iPod touch from the App Store, bringing you more of the videos you love and more ways to share them with the people you care about.

Mobile Email Opens Up, iOS Dominates

A report prepared by Knotice (PDF)shows that more and more email is being opened on a mobile device and that trend is gaining speed.

This chart actually serves as the cover of the report but it looked so nice we thought we would share it with you (click to enlarge the image). Notice that in the first half of 2012 36% of email opens were mobile according to Knotice (pronounced notice).

What is even more telling on the eve of what should be the introduction of the next iPhone and the release of iOS 6 is that iOS devices are clearly the dominant mobile player when it comes to email. The figures below are hard to ignore (and see so just know that iOS outdoes Android opens 29% to 6%).