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Since SEOmoz released their findings from the 2012 survey of the SEO industry you have had some time to digest it. Perhaps so much has happened since its release that you have had to time to forget it as well.

Don’t worry, eMarketer (good looking redesign, by the way) has done its usual bang up job with summarizing the findings in a quick chart and I wanted to share this with you for something to ponder on this fine Friday morning.

Now here is my question.

If the industry is recognizing the importance of Google+ for search (54% saying it is likely to happen that Google+ will become massively important) why is the general business world being so slow on the uptake of the service? Are we not doing a good enough job of evangelizing? Should Google really advertise?

I think we as an industry often get so fired up and pat each other on the back so hard that we forget that a lot of the rest of the world, marketers included, are still in the dark as to what is and is not critical in the online space. That ignorance will make it harder for growth to occur.

How do you propose to educate the masses about the importance of various Internet marketing techniques to help fuel business growth? Could a real push to move the vast majority of businesses into the online space be exactly what the overall economy needs to get back in gear?

Your thoughts, please!