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Bing has always been aggressive and creative with their promotional strategies. They’ve run clever, pop culture commercials, paid out rewards for loyal usage, and they’ve even forced actors to use their search engine on TV as if it was a natural part of the show (sigh.)

Now, they have a new tactic. They’re out to prove that they really are the better search engine with a blind test they call “Bing It On!”

When I first saw the press release on it, I laughed over the concept of a “blind” search engine study. Well, Bing, if I can’t see the results, you have a 50-50 chance of coming out on top!

Okay, so that’s not what they meant by blind. Here’s how it works. Go to the Bing It On page, type in your concept then click search. What you get is a page with side-by-side results. One is Bing, one is Google. Only they know which is which. You choose which one you like better or call it a draw. (And is it even legal for Bing to display Google’s results on their page?)


It’s hard to see in the small graphic, but I called this one a draw because the top two results are the same but reversed on both sides and neither is the best choice, in my opinion.

The process runs you through five rounds then shows you the results. Bing says they win 2:1.

I conducted my usual TV related searches with Halloween Crafts and Giveaways in the mix and here’s what I got:

Insert image of Bing shaking it’s fist and shouting through gritted teeth, “So, Google! You have foiled me again! Until next time. . . ”

I’ve always felt that I liked Google better than Bing and now I have the proof. Hey, at least you have to give them credit not doctoring the results.

Take the Bing It On challenge and let us know where you land.