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It’s a real sign of the times when you can’t watch an hour of television without seeing a couple of cell phone or tablet commercials. These handy-dandy devices are no longer a luxury item, they’re rapidly becoming as common as that TV you’re seeing the ads on.

comScore just released their latest set of numbers in the July 2012 MobiLens report. Nothing startling, but there are a few interesting items to note.

Let’s start with the kinds of phones everyone is using.

Samsung and LG still rule for pure number of devices in hand but look at Apple. They’re the only one showing an appreciable rise in sales. Last year, they only had 9.5% of the business, coming in second to last after RIM. (Notice RIM is now off the chart.) Apple has now topped Motorola and is closing in on LG. Think they can best them by the end of this year? With more Apple announcements coming our way in about a week, it’s possible.

Moving on to platforms, Google still has the top spot all locked up with 52.5% of the business. That’s up 41.8% in 2011. Apple’s up 2 points, which goes along with their rise in handset sales. They’re claiming 33.4% of the business.

Here’s the good news for marketers:

App downloads are up, with 52.6% of mobile subscribers picking up at least one app in the past three months. That’s way up over last year’s 40.6%. There’s also been an increase in browser usage, listening to music and social networking. Games are up, but very little compared to apps and music.

What this all means is that there’s mobile in your future, like it or not. That increased browser usage means websites that aren’t optimized for mobile are missing out. And, with more people using their phones to access Twitter and Facebook, et al, that’s more chances for your social message to be seen and shared.

As for apps, if you can afford it, you should build one. It’s a great way connect with consumers in a meaningful way.

How are you using mobile to spread the good word about your business?