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Sponsor: Free Templates for Infographics Using PowerPoint

Infographics are everywhere. Ever wonder how they are made and if your business could somehow get in on the action?

Well, our Inbound Marketing Channel sponsor, HubSpot, has put together a complete 24 slide offering which contains 3 templates for creation of infographics in PowerPoint. While they are a sponsor here at Marketing Pilgrim I still have to admit that is pretty cool.

HubSpot is known for helping marketers of all shapes and sizes do many of the most modern marketing techniques that many feel are reserved for the ‘big boys’. Well, when it comes to infographics, at least, now anyone who has PowerPoint can create a new way to get your business message to the masses.

The templates and guide are completely FREE so download right now so you can get started on getting your business’ message out to your prospects and customers today!