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Archeologists have recently uncovered an incredible painting on the walls of an ancient Egyptian tomb. The painting shows technological leader Im Ho App-le II examining the wares of a visiting tablet vendor.

Incredible, isn’t it? It’s such an amazing find, Millennial Media decided to use it as the cover of their September Mobile Mix report which is devoted to the subject of tablets!

The top tablets (ranked by ad impressions) shouldn’t come as a surprise. Apple’s iPad is number one, followed by Samsung Galaxy Tab, Amazon Kindle Fire, Acer Iconia (the only one I don’t recognize), and the Motorola Xoom.

Now that Amazon is flooding the market with several new Kindle Fires, it will be interesting to see if they can jump up to second place. On the other hand, Kindle Fires are more entertainment than work oriented so I imagine that has a negative effect on ad impressions.

Kindle Fire’s entertainment bent might also account for the fact that it skews more female than the other top tablets.

The iPad and Android both skew male but not by much.

The report also notes that 95% of tablet impressions came in over a Wi-Fi network. This is significant because it suggests that the majority of owners are using their device at home or work or McDonalds. It also means, they aren’t worried about racking up data charges, so they feel free to surf, download and shop as long and as often as they like.

Games, Music and Entertainment were the top apps in Q2, same as in Q1. The surprise is in the third slot – Science & Technology. Mobile Social Media fell one notch to fourth, followed by Communications and our old friend Weather. The other climber was Books & Reference which moved into the top ten in ninth place. Blame that one on year-end exams.

One final, interesting note; the majority of tablet owners aren’t loyal to one platform. 60% of iPad owners and 70% of Kindle Fire owners have a mobile phone that runs on a different system. Which makes me feel better about wanting to bring a Kindle Fire into our all Apple household.

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