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What are the top trends in Social Commerce right now? Photo galleries (Pinterest, Subscription boxes (Love with Food, Birchbox). Daily deals are hanging in there (Groupon, AmazonLocal). Gamification is always hot, as is social sharing and referrals. Put them all together and they spell The Fancy — a new place to buy more stuff.

I got The Fancy bug after reading comScore’s article called From Pin to Purchase. The piece talks about that illusive social media fellow, the conversion. You know, 10,000 Likes on your Facebook page but only 1 sale. Hundreds of photo repins on Pinterest but not one clickthrough.

The Fancy is working to change all that by providing users with every opportunity to not just covet and share what they see on the page, but to buy it, too.

The homepage looks like a Tumblr blog. Lots of white space, large photos and almost no text. See something you fancy? (See. . . that’s where the name comes from). Click it and you get a page like this:

First thing you see is Add to Cart. Talk about suggestive selling, I’m prompted to buy this neat thing right now! Or I can share it with my social media friends, add it to my profile (aka repin) or tell the world that I already have one of these (proving that I am as cool as I think I am).

But they don’t stop there. They also offer Fancy Subscription Boxes. Choose you category, pay $30 a month and you get a mystery box of goodies worth around double the value. If you come back and review an item you got in the box, you get a badge for your profile (gamification).

What’s better than a badge? Money. They’ll give you some of that if you invite your friends to join and they buy stuff. $1 credit for each joiner and a $10 bonus if they buy in the first 60 days. The site also has short-term deals, such as cash back when you spend $100 on your American Express Card.

In spite of its girly name, The Fancy looks like it will pull in more men than Pinterest. It’s very gadget and tech oriented and very streamlined. The Fancy also has more international appeal maybe because you can view it in twenty different languages. French, Polish, Chinese – you got it, but the prices are always set in good old US dollars.

I know this sounds like a full page ad for The Fancy, but that’s not my intention. I simply found this site fascinating because of the combination of trends all in one place. Best part, you can use it to promote the neat stuff you sell online. If they accept your brand, then you can offer special unlockable deals and hand out virtual badges with your name on it. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?

Do you have any experience with The Fancy? We’d like to hear about it.