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FYI, this post is being written prior to today’s big announcement that Apple fanbois are convinced might stop the earth from rotating on its axis.

Remember the good ol’ days of the Windows v. Apple battles? That battle seemed so innocent and almost cute compared to the mobile Armageddon that is shaping up between Apple and Google. Later today, Apple will roll out the new iPhone. Will it be the iPhone5 or will it go the way of the iPad and just be called the iPhone? Such suspense!

No matter what the semantics, today is a very big deal in the evolution of the mobile space. Apple will be officially further separating itself from any Google partnering with the YouTube and Maps changes. In essence, Apple is pushing away from the dock and putting together its own world that many think will ultimately be connected to your iTunes account in an attempt to get a piece of everything you ever buy again.

So is this the end for Google and Android? Well, not according to a report from cnet

Google won’t be able to compete with the attention lavished on Apple for the launch of the sixth-generation iPhone, but it did announce the notable milestone late tonight of half a billion device activations.

“Today is a big day for Android… 500 million devices activated globally, and over 1.3 million added every single day,” said Hugo Bara, Android’s director of product management, in a Google+ post. It’s not clear how many devices are replacing older ones, though.

Barra said in June at the Google I/O show that 400 million Android devices had been activated and that the rate was 1 million per day.

Those are impressive numbers but let’s face it. Google HAS to say something because the momentum that Apple is about to gain around this new iPhone and possible mini-iPad (total conjecture on that part of it) will be massive.

This is a scenario that will likely repeat each time Apple steps to the plate to take a swing at the mobile industry with its new products. Until Google and the Android platform can get more unified and more people can actually take advantage of improvements in the Android OS (Jelly Bean sounds nice and sweet but how many people have tasted it until now?) Apple is going to dominate no matter what the Android activation numbers are.

This admission comes from someone who is wavering as to whether I switch to an iPhone or upgrade to a new Android device. A short while back I was Android all the way. Now I am admittedly wavering. Why? Because Apple is consistent and makes across the board, wholesale upgrades that gives everyone a decent chance of staying current. With Android it’s still a crapshoot and that is not good for business.

So where are you on this one? Apple? Android? Something else? Let’s hear your voice in the comments.

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