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The holy grail of any Internet related marketing effort is lead generation. It’s like that in a good economy and it’s even more important in the continuing sluggish economic climate the US is in (not to mention Europe which is even worse shape).

So what ares of social media provide the greatest bang for the buck? It depends on what type of company you are. As one might expect the B2C market is different than the B2B market. A recent study by Webmarketing123 and reported by eMarketer shows just which social outlets serve each distinct market.

This is likely to come as little surprise to many but that is because we are seeing similar results over time. B2C and B2B marketing in the online space have very specific attributes and so do specific social channels. What is happening today is not necessarily what will be happening tomorrow but for now it looks as if Facebook is king for the B2C crowd and LinkedIn is the social channel of choice for B2B, although Facebook is holding its own according to this data.

Which one has the greatest chance for crossover? I think that B2C marketers could have greater success with the LinkedIn crowd because even straight up business people need stuff and things. It doesn’t work as cleanly in the other direction though. If you are trying to sell widgets through Facebook you have probably encountered a different response because not everyone needs your widget like they need, say, clothing.

So what do you use in your marketing efforts? What social channel has given you the best success?