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Twitter is on the march. They won’t stop until every person in the world has Tweeted at least once and I think they can do it. But first, they have to get past Instagram.

According to AllThingsDigital, more smartphone users visit Twitter but the funky photo site tops them for average number of viewers per day and time spent on site. (Study conducted by comScore for the month of August.)

The implication is that Instagram has more returning visitors than Twitter. That’s pretty amazing, seeing as how Instagram has only been around for a few years. Instagram also plays into the hot trend of graphics over text, apparently everyone loves to look but not everyone loves to read. (Boo!)

Doesn’t matter because Twitter is not going down without a fight. In order to gain more visibility, they just opened up more of the site to search engine spiders. The result would be, when you search Google, you could get a Twitter search results page on your results page. That means more exposure for promoted Tweets that sit on the tops of those pages.Do you follow?

Google might not.

Last year, Twitter cut off the stream of data to Google seemingly because they didn’t like the fact that Google had launched a competing social network. (That would be Google+.) Now, Twitter is saying it’s okay for Google to use their search results. Wow, that’s two big companies returning to Google with their head hanging in just one week.

While Twitter fights those battles here at home, they’re winning the war in the UK with a cute marketing idea that has everyone Tweeting. It’s a promotion with Kellogg’s to introduce their Special K Cracker Crisps. Instead of paying cash for a sample, customers can buy a packet of crisps (that’s a bag of chips in American), by sending a Tweet.

The shop has a “menu” board with suggested Tweets, so you don’t even have to be creative, just type, send and get a treat for your trouble. It’s a cute idea, but when I searched the #tweetshop hashtag, all I found was other journalists writing about the campaign. That counts, doesn’t it?

Hey Kellogg’s, I’d like Sour Cream and Onion please!