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What do you think of when I say “MyGuy?” A 1960’s pop tune? Singing nuns in Sister Act? A reality show with single women looking for Prince Charming?

How about fantasy football? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

MyGuy is what social TV app Viggle calls their fantasy sports component. It’s an amusing game that awards you points for picking the high scoring men of the season. In this case, we’re talking football. What makes their version of fantasy football unique is that it’s based on instant gratification. You tune in to the game, then choose your favorite player. If he does something good, you get points. If he does something bad, you lose points. You can change players on every play if you like, or stick with a winner and double your score.

At the end of each game, you get Viggle points based on your final score. Points can be used to buy gift cards for iTunes, Amazon, Hulu or for discounts at other online retailers.

To sweeten the deal, Viggle is paying out $1,000 to each of the top 10 players at the end of the season. You can also spend some of your Viggle points on a raffle ticket to win a trip to the Rose Bowl.

Viggle is the master of social TV. They have over one million registered users who routinely check-in while watching their favorite shows. Unlike GetGlue, Viggle uses audio sync to make sure you’re watching what you say you’re watching. Some shows offer bonus Viggle Live content, a series of trivia questions that match up to what you’re seeing on screen while others give you a flat bonus for watching.

In addition to TV check-ins, Viggle also awards points when you watch video ads. Verizon, Burger King and Pepsi are just a few of the brands that have popped up. You’ll also find ads for new movies and upcoming TV shows.

By far, the smartest use of Viggle, is the live ad trivia. For example, last night, during the VMA’s, there was a commercial for the new movie Pitch Perfect. Right after the ad aired, Viggle users were asked to choose the movie’s tagline and the date the movie opens in theaters. By asking consumers to recall what they just saw, you reinforce the information and make it easier to remember in the future. If almost everyone gets the answer wrong, then the studio knows they need to tweak their ad because it’s not memorable.

For the brand, it’s like having an on-call focus group. For the users, it’s fun and prizes. Viggle makes watching TV profitable, but seriously folks, rethink the name of your fantasy football game. MyGuy simply doesn’t cut it.





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    This app can be cheated easily. You just have to wait to pick your player until AFTER the play actually happens. The app is always behind the broadcast. I can’t believe they are actually paying out money on something that can be cheated so easily.