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You can never be too thin or too fast. If that’s not Apple’s motto, it should be.

Earlier this morning, Apple held a press conference with all the fanfare we used to dedicate to rocket launches. It was all about iPhone 5 and iOS 6 with a few new iPod and iTunes upgrades thrown in for the average man. I watched via Engadget’s live blog and though the bloggers did their best to keep it entertaining (good job, fellas!) there really wasn’t much to get excited about this time around.

The major thrust of the presentation was how the new iPhone is 18% thinner and 20% lighter than the iPhone 4S. Now, here’s where I think I must have missed a meeting because I don’t recall hearing a huge outcry for a thinner iPhone. It’s already smaller than a deck of playing cards. And when you compare it to the bricks folks used to carry around in the early days of mobile, it’s positively microscopic. If they go any smaller, they might as well just implant a chip in your brain.

The Apple people spent much of their time on stage talking about how hard it was to put an amazing camera in this thin phone and . . . oh by the way. . . because it’s so thin, you need all new connectors. That means your new iPhone won’t plug into your old speaker doc without an adapter, which will cost you.

What they took away in depth, they added in height. The taller screen means more app icons per page. It also means better landscape views of calendars, games and movies. That’s a nice touch.

Apple also wants you to know that the new iPhone 5 comes includes LTE and DC-HSDPA and an all-new A6 chip. I don’t know what any of that means except that it’s suppose to make your phone download and respond faster. Because a blink of an eye wasn’t fast enough. It’s so fast, you can play a cool new racing game where you challenge your friends using some kind of crazy time warp technology that allows you to play together even when you’re not really there. Spooky.

They beefed up the audio, too, with 3 speakers placed all over the device for better sound quality and noise cancellation. It also has five magnets in its transducer, which sounds like something out of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, so I’m good with that.

For those that don’t speak Geek, the iPhone 5 has a few cool features. They added the ability to auto-share groups of photos instantly with select friends. You can also shoot panoramic photos, which is pretty neat. They’ve upgrade Maps so it moves better and returns better graphics as you zoom in and out. It has turn-by-turn directions and a Flyover mode.

FaceTime now works with your cellular carrier. Facebook has been integrated throughout the system so you can update your status from almost any app. They even upgrade the phone options – you know, the part you use to call people.

If you can’t pick up, you can send a quick message or a pre-filled reply so the other person doesn’t keep ringing you and ringing you over and over. I wonder if “never call me again, we’re through” is an option?


For those who use their phone for business, the best feature is the new VIP email box option. This sorts incoming mail from important people into their own folder for faster access.

Remember, the new iPhone 5 and iOS 6 are all about faster and thinner, something we can all aspire to in life.