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Moms have power and not just the power to make you clean your room or eat your veggies. Moms spend more than $2.1 trillion US dollars annually and you want some of that. To help you get it, BabyCenter LLC has put together a list of the five top trends you need to be aware of when marketing to mom.

TREND #1: The Mobile State of Mom

Mom is more mobile than the rest of us. While she is the early adopter of most tech devices — from laptops and digital cameras to smartphones and DVRs — the mobile phone is the device that gives Mom superpowers, enabling her to multitask throughout her busy day.

According to BabyCenter, 65% of moms have a smartphone. They use them to shop, bank, stay organized and they use them to take pictures and post on social media.

If you’re not reaching out via mobile, you’re missing out. Minimally, you need a mobile version of your website. Or step up to a branded app and have you looked into mobile advertising yet? If mom is your target, it’s the way to go.

TREND #2: More Power Through Motherhood

Not too long ago, the stay-at-home mom was looked down on, like she wasn’t a valuable member of society. Women actually felt bad about being “just a mom” but not anymore. The new millennium mom is loud and proud. 70% of women surveyed said motherhood made them more confident. 57% said they felt in control of their household and the raising of their children.

Now, don’t go thinking that motherhood defines a woman, it’s just part of her make-up. 87% said they work hard to stay sexy and stylish. Once the kids are in bed, the modern mom is ready to spice things up in the bedroom. Yes, today’s mom is in charge of more than just the grocery budget.

TREND #3: Moms Live Out Loud

Linda Murray, SVP, Global Editor in Chief, BabyCenter says,

“Moms experience the highest of highs and the lowest of lows in the course of the day, but when a special moment arrives, they know how to make it count. The culture of celebration is thriving among moms, and it’s time for brands and marketers to join the party.”

Do you make birthday cakes? Now you should make first tooth cakes, or first day of school cakes. Do you make t-shirts? Turn out designs that celebrate everyday life. Moms will line up to buy them.

TREND #4: Motherhood Is Showtime

A 2009 BabyCenter survey showed that 67% of moms take pictures of their kids every week. It’s likely that that number has grown since then.

Thanks to smartphones, mom has a camera with her all the time so she’s ready to capture every moment of her family’s life. From there, it’s easy to upload and share with family and friends, sometimes before she gets back home. And thanks to webcams grandmom can see her grandchild’s first steps, even if she lives 3,000 miles away.

Images are the hottest trend on the web right now with Instagram and Pinterest leading the way. Not only are moms showing off their kids online, they’re building pinboard wishlists, creating craft tutorial videos and showing off their own style through blogs and social media.

How visual is your brand? Give it some thought.

TREND #5: Modern Family

Have you seen the comedy show Modern Family? It’s a prime time example of how the concept of family has changed in the past fifty years. Once it was all about housewife mom, a working dad, and a couple of kids. They lived within a few miles of grandmom and grandpop and on holidays they gathered together with aunts, uncles, and cousins to celebrate.

These days, that’s the exception not the rule. Today’s family might have only one parent in the house, or two parents of the same sex. Plenty of grandparents are raising their grandchildren and sometimes its dad who stays home to care for the kids.

Take a look at your marketing message. Are you unintentionally shutting out potential customers by excluding non-traditional families in your campaigns? It might be worth tailoring a segment of your marketing to a group that’s under-served in your industry. Could be a whole new revenue stream just waiting to happen.

Put It All Together It Spells Mother

So what have we learned? That the modern mom uses mobile technology to make life easier. She’s confident, powerful and she wants the very best for her family. She likes to share her good fortune online with photos and videos. And as much as she loves being a mom, she also loves being a woman with all that entails.

Is that the mom you’re marketing to? If not, it’s time to do some tweaking.