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Facebook has initiated a strong call to action on their mobile app ads by adding the words “Install Now” at the bottom.

The previous design was less specific with only a Try These Apps header and a small, clickable arrow. Now, there’s no question about what you’re supposed to do and what will happen when you do it.

Here’s a screenshot of the new ad in action courtesy of Ryan Spoon.

It’s a good looking square for mobile. It’s clear, it’s not cluttered and I know exactly what to do when I see it.

This new ad pulls the header graphic from the App Center page and it shows the star rating and how many of your friends are using it. Good info all around.

The only thing that bothers me is that wording might be off-putting. When you click, you aren’t really starting a download, you’re just going to a page that tells you more about the app where you can download it.

Do you think people will be concerned that a single click will start the actual download process? How about “Visit the App Center to Install Now”?

I’m nitpicking, but you know how people are. We don’t want to give them a single reason to skip the ad, so wording the call to action properly is very important.

Beyond that, this update further solidifies Facebook’s commitment to pushing apps. Why? I don’t know. Apparently, they think there’s money in it but once you take out the big boys, how many apps are actually turning a decent profit?

TechCrunch says that beta testers saw a 50% increase in clickthroughs. That’s a nice boost. If they can keep that rate high once the novelty wears off, maybe more app developers will find dollars in their account instead of zeros.

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