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Hurricane Sandy is making everyone nervous up and down the Mid-Atlantic coast today and for the first part of the week. There is good reason for that concern as the hurricane has been nicknamed ‘Frankenstorm’ because of it being a compilation of various weather events coming together to create a perfect storm of sorts.

No matter how it plays out, we here at Marketing Pilgrim are praying for safety for everyone in the path of the storm.

While Google may not offer prayer (not publicly at least) they are offering a special Hurricane Sandy crisis response map. Here is an interactive version that Google is telling folks to share. If the map is not showing up immediately, please refresh your browser.

The Google Lat Long blog tells us more

On the map, you’ll find the following emergency preparedness information:

  • Location tracking, including the hurricane’s current and forecasted paths, courtesy of the NOAA-National Hurricane Center
  • Public alerts, including evacuation notices, storm warnings, and more, via and
  • Radar and cloud imagery from and the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory
  • Evacuation information and routes
  • Shelters and recovery centers will appear as they become operational
  • Storm footage and storm-related YouTube videos, curated by Storyful

We’ve also launched a map specific to New York City, featuring evacuation zone information from NYC Open Data, open shelters, weather information and live webcams.

All business stuff and company sniping aside, it’s good to see a company do something with their resources for the greater good.

If you are in New York City here is the more specific map which has shelter information and more.

Once again we are simply praying for everyone’s safety.