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If you have a craving for a peperoni pizza and a new pair of fashionable shoes, relax — you can have them both in under 90 minutes.

Shutl’s rockets are on the way from the UK to the USA. Once they get here, they’ll start delivering  your online purchases to your home or office, sometimes in under an hour. According to their website, their fastest delivery time in the past week was 20m:26 seconds. I can’t imagine them beating that in Los Angeles where it takes 20 minutes just to go five blocks but they’re going to try.

The company is launching soon in ten US cities: Atlanta, Washington, Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, Miami, Houston, Los Angeles, Montreal and Toronto. They aren’t showing off a list of stores yet, but in the UK they include electronics hub Maplin, Laithewaites Wines and several fashion outlets such as Karen Miller and Oasis.

Shutl claims they’re open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, which seems rather excessive. And even though the service revolves around online shopping, the store must have a physical address in the city in order for the system to work. (so they’re probably not making many deliveries at 2 am.)

The big question is the cost. They say it’s no more than regular delivery but that’s hard to believe. More likely, anyone who needs an item within the next two hours will be desperate enough to pay a premium to have that item delivered.

I’ve been known to pay the ridiculous service charge for Restaurants on the Run delivery instead of driving five minutes to do the pick up myself. That’s lazy, but it’s also luxury. The idea of buying a pair of shoes online and having them show up at your door within the hour is so Beverly Hills. All you need now is a butler to answer the door when the courier arrives.

So it’s a cool concept, but so is home grocery delivery and that’s never caught on here in the US. Will Americans open their wallets for same day delivery of electronics and fashion? I guess Shutl is about to find out.

What do you think? Would you pay $10 or more for same day delivery of anything?