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We talk about mobile. We talk so much about it so much I wonder if we have moved to the ‘dangerous assumption’ phase of the game. That’s the point where it seems to be such a foregone conclusion that since everyone is talking about mobile then everyone is actually doing it and doing it well. If that isn’t a dangerous assumption in the Internet marketing world then I don’t know what is.

Research is showing clearly that users expect a reasonable mobile experience. If we are to believe a report done on Google’s behalf by SmithGeiger and Sterling Research (which was repackaged by eMarketer) then if we are not paying attention to mobile the risks can be quite high.

…..about two-thirds of respondents said they were more likely to purchase something from a mobile-optimized site, while three-quarters said they were more likely to make a return visit to the site.

It is pretty safe to assume (dangerous word, I know) that the inverse would also hold true which would mean that these same folks would be disappointed in a company that offers a poor mobile experience.

Mobile has a lot to do with location and here are some findings that show just how mobile users are looking for help in retail, travel and banking.

The most telling quote from the eMarketer was

For businesses, getting a website into mobile shape should be a no-brainer. Google found that failing to design sites for mobile had spillover effects, potentially damaging the reputation of the company.

What’s your response to this kind of statement? Is there that much at stake if a mobile experience is not up to par? Are you doing what is necessary to make sure your customers are having a strong mobile experience with your brand? If not, why not?