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There’s no lack of information to read on the internet. The trick is, sorting through the clutter to find those gems that can really help you succeed. LinkedIn wants to lend a hand with that, so they’ve pulled back to the curtain on Thought Leaders.

Thought Leaders are exceptional professionals, names you already know, who are going to be sharing their advice and wisdom on LinkedIn. There are currently 150 people to choose from including Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, Arianna Huffington and Deepak Chopra. Obama and Romney are also on the list along with names you might not know but might want to follow. For example, author of “The Lean Startup” Eric Reis; Charles Best, the founder of; and Nancy Lublin, the CEO of Do Something.

Sure, much of this is advice you can read at any major business outlet on the web, but LinkedIn’s made it as easy as clicking the follow button. You’re in. Now all you have to do is check your profile everyday and find the time to read the posts, but serial entrepreneur Illya Pozin can help you with that.

LinkedIn has been going wild lately with upgrades, new features and new methods of delivery. With each change, they take a bigger step away from being a “social” social network and closer to being a one-stop shop for professionals looking to network, find a job, or find inspiration.

I know you’re all busy and it’s hard to find time to read your email, let alone lengthy posts on a social network (wait. . . you’re reading this post, right. . . .?) but I say, make the time. Here’s why. We’re all so busy doing and doing and doing, no one takes time to stop and think. But think time is important, its the basis of many of the fine task management systems like GTD. It may feel like a waste of time at first, but giving your mind a chance to wander is a good thing.

What I like best about the thought leaders on LinkedIn is that they’re not just about how to conduct business. Many of the posts are designed to help you get the most out of life and that includes family, fun, sports, hobbies and whatever it is your passionate about.

Take a minute today to read this short post by Deepak Chopra, he’s saying what I’m saying, only he’s saying it better. Enjoy and have an inspirational day.